Art 35.5 Hours a Week

2017, HD, 21:38 min


Abdullahi Yussuf
Noriko Kjendlie
Hallvard Sandvik
Mona Skjønhaug

"Art 35.5 hours a week" depicts the National Gallery in Oslo from the perspective of the security guards who work there. "Art 35.5 hours a week" is a poetic reflection of the rythm of the working day of the security guards and shows how the building and its works of art touch them as individuals. The film is a walk through the museum's halls with the bodies and voices of the guards as guides. The film also serves as a historical document of the National Gallery in its current form, as the museum will relocate to the new National Museum in 2020.

"Art 35.5 hours a week" is made in collaboration with Eli Eines.