Muscle, beefsteak, beefsteak run amok

Softcover 23x 32 cm
Edition: 300
76 pages

Photography & photo layout: Mariken Kramer

Design & typo: Ariane Spanier

Text: Kyra Simone

Publisher: Multipress

"Muscle, beefsteak...beefsteak run amok" is a playful investigation of sculptural form, materiality, and representation.
The starting point for the project is Kramer’s experience as an educator at the National Museum in Oslo, where among other things, she facilitates the interpretation of sculpture by children and young people. In her book we find staged photographs of bodies, faces and objects with different materiality placed in constellations with images and details of classical sculptures and motives from the past. Materials of different valeur are juxtaposed, defying a linear traditional and hierarchical approach to art and history.